Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dinner Out with Shane and Patrik

Today is Wed., May 11th and you went to school. Had a great day and we went the Ayyye (elevator) to say "hi" to Ms. Peg, get your m&m, and eat what was left from your lunch box. We talked and went down the stairs. You are doing great with alternating feet on your decent! Still as independant as ever wanting not to hold hands. Good girl! (sniffle) Then we went to Pollo and enjoyed rice and beans while parked under a shade tree. We listened to music and looked at magazines while we ate. Great Mommy/daughter time. You said, "Mommy, I have poop!" (you pooh when standing and reading usually) We changed your diaper and enjoyed a bit more music. Then we headed home and got ready to ride the golf cart to the pool. Golf cart. Now that's a neat story! God gave us a golf cart thru Craigslist! True! I posted in the wanted section that "I know it's a tought economy, but if it's not tought for you and you have a golf cart that you don't use, please pray and consider donating it to our family." I explained that our daughter who has special needs loves golf cart rides and that because of adoptions loans we would not be able to buy one for a very long time. Two weeks later the call came and two hours after the call two sweet men (a father and son) delivered the golf cart to our home. We have used it 3-4 times a week since then and have had opportunities to bless others with it. Hence we have started another journal called "Giving back the Golf Cart." It think we'll call him on father's day. His name is Jeff Hamilton and I saved his number.  
OK, now where were we? Oh yeah...we went home and rode the golf cart to the pool with Ayi Ann. Very nice time and you learned to swim with your head out of the water! Great JOB!!! Mommy gonna git on the phone and tell Mister Matt!   You also learned to come up for breath when swimming under water. You practiced floating too. Very fun! Then we came home, gave Baba big hugs and kisses and met Shane and Patrik for dinner at Sweet Tomatos. Now you are sound asleep and I can hear your sweet breathing mixed in with the keystrokes of my typing. Perfect sounds(along with the white noise fan videos we play from Youtube for you every night) to relax me and prime me for a good night's sleep. Father, please watch over my family tonight. Please see Shane and Kyle safely home and watch over all of our loved ones. Keep them safe and let them feel you. Draw them to you and let not one be without a true knowledge and acceptance of who you are.  Mercifully I pray and ask you got that not one of my family or friends be left behind. I pray that you would protect my family from the retaliation of the enemy because of my prayers. I pray that all of my loved ones would understand how much You love them and how much they need you. AMEN.

One Year Later. Typical Mommy.

Hello Sweetie,
I can't believe it but it's true. I never journaled another day since the last post.  I feel so guilty and scared that someday I will regret it so much.  I love to remember all the amazing things you do and say and I'm afraid that I will forget some things because you do amazing things every day!

Two weeks ago we went camping out at Uncle Robbydale's and Mama Aunt Stacey's camp. It was you 2nd time camping and you were amazing! (the 1st time was Thanksgiving 2010 at Big Cypress. You did awsome then too, throwing sticks to hit pots and pans. splashing around in cool clear lake water that we filled the big green rubber bucket with. When you weren't doing camping things you were happy to relax in the tinkerbell lawn chair that Amber bought for you and play with the I-phone.)The whole family met for Amber's Graduation. She recieved her batchelor's degree in nursing at North Florida University. We are all so proud! Then we had a great family reunion at the camp. Amber, Alex, Jesse, Nathaniel, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Amy, Rebecca, Chance, baby Elizabeth, Amy's parents, Grandma Ann and Grandpa Mike came, also Xuxu Nelson. We all had such a grand time. Around the fire the first night we all saw a beautiful Meteorite that resemble a comet with a tail. It was huge and traveled most of the sky. What fortune for us all to see together! We saw fireflies that you still can't see well yet. We went on a hay ride at dusk and heart whipowils. We brought your pink princess pool and Jesse toted water back and forth to fill it for you and your cousins. You sleep great to the chirping crickets and howling coyotes. You looked so adorable walkin' around the camp in your little boots. You got to hold a real baby(Elizabeth 3months) for the first time and you were in heaven. You've always loved babies so much and you 've always been so gentle with them.  

Mother's day just passed last week and we got out of the house late. Decided to go to a park or something but it was so hot that we didn't know where to go that wouldn't be miserable. Didn't matter cuz you fell asleep as soon as we got in the car! We just drove around awhile and then met Xuxu Jeff and co at Scruby's! Yum! We shared bbq turkey sandwich, beans, and sweet potato. It was a nice visit but you were not yourself all day. You tried to wear undies and practice using the potty that morning and had a little accident. You were so hard on yourself. I felt terrible and desperately tried to explain that you were just learning and new at it. That it was OK and everyone has accidents when learning to wear undies. It took awhile to calm you and you said, " Only diapers now please". So sweeeeet! ( sigh ) You were OK, but it kind of set your mood for the rest of the day. You were very grouchy all morning and I realized later that you were stressed and worried that you might have an accident.  Poor baby. I love you so much. You are so good through and through my darling daughter. Always trying your best at everything you do. I always tell you that THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN"T DO! You are amazing! It won't be long and you will be out of diapers, I know it. It's all happening too fast. I wan't to keep you little and needing me all the time. Selfish huh? It's just that I've never been loved like this before and I know I never will be agian. I've never loved anyone with so much of me before and believe me when I love, I love...but this is different. You are like Jesus coming to me. He said if anyone recieves one of these little ones in my name, they recieve me. That has to be the explanation of the depth of the love I feel for you. Who could Know Jesus and not love him? Exactly!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fun and Funny in June.


For Fathers day BaBa got a hand painted blue, magnetic, dragonfly with red spots that were made with Mae Li's toe prints. The clothespin dragonfly was BaBa and the little ladybug riding on it's back was of course, Mae Li! Shane and Kyle made a donation in Dad's name to a Gospel for Asia child named Tsepiso. Daddy also received special home cooked gourmet breakfast, his favorite home made eggplant parmesan dinner, his favorite hard to find ph lemon soap and massage oil. He chose the activity of the day and it was for the whole family to take Mae Li to her first movie. We saw "UP" and it was adorable! In a sense it had an adoption theme because the little ASIAN boyscout didn't have a dad and a grandfatherly man eventually takes him under his wing. I thought Mae Li would be transfixed on the screen but lets just say thank Goodness I brought toys for her. We were not surprised however that she LOVED the popcorn!




She is sporting a spiky do, and her favorite word is "More, more, more" but Mae Li is not impersonating Billy Idol. She's rockin' out to "Head, Shoulders, Knees and toes!"
seconds after removing her hair tie.

Mae Li with her handsome "Ge Ge"s (Mandarin for Big Brothers)
on Father's day.

Lagoon adventures! This pic is really from May 21st when we celebrated Mae Li's referral day.
She just looks so cute, I had to include it.

Shane's guitar picks. Ya just never know where they will show up.

A very special, loving family came home from China with their sweet and handsome baby boy who also has albinism. This is really a phenomena because albinism only affects 1 in 17,000. Here in our own local support group which is 51 families we probably have about 200 members and 2 children with albinism. We are so happy that they found each other and have so much in common. Upon meeting Mae Li for the first time he immediately handed her one of his new toys. So sweet!

Welcome Home AJ! We wouldn't have missed your homecoming for the world!

Our girl really loves her early steps classes. Here she is practicing tactile exercises with yummy whipped cream and colored sugar! A totally new flavor for Mae Li. Fortunately it didn't spoil her appetite for healthy food.

Our pensive girl. So beautiful.

Love Bug Leotard, pink tights, and Hula Skirt! Girly Girl!


Lunch time funny faces and showing off Jolene's pretty bows!

I have a great vid of this but can't trim it to fit the blog :O( shuggerpeas!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Starting Today for Sweet Baby Mae

Hello sweet Mae Li,
I will address you now and again directly as I record our beautiful journey of life together. Today, we can be thankful for our wonderful friends Mrs. Tammy, Mrs. Candy and Mrs Grace, as well as your Auntie Stasea who encouraged me to start up my journaling for you again. They reminded me that it is more important to be consistant and not miss more days than it is to catch up. They also pointed out that this is for YOU. That really motivated me to not worry anymore, but to sieze every precious day from NOW on. So here we are and I am so happy to be here and to be celebrating the gift of your life this way.

We will meet here as often as possible with a cup of hot tea in hand to recollect and record the wonderful, crazy, fantastic, and beautiful happenings of our life together. We will include it all. The laughter as well as the tears and hopefully your mommy will succeed in leaving you a legacy of love letters. Tangeable memories for you to look back on and remember how much we love you and how proud we are of you. How you have blessed our lives so abundantly.
I love you my beautiful angel,